Finished: Jessica Jones


Finally finished season 1 of Jessica Jones. I was totally dragging it out on purpose. Hopefully they’ll make a second season of this one because it was so awesome!

Spoilers Below

I loved that it didn’t feel a superhero show. I mean, the MC did have super abilities, but the show didn’t have that spandex and adrenaline feel that most superhero shows and movies have. Don’t get me wrong, those are fun too, but a brooding anti-hero is more my style.

I was also intrigued to learn that Netflix is crossing-over actors / characters with it’s other Marvel shows: Daredevil, and an upcoming one, Luke Cage. I wasn’t ready to try Daredevil because I was expecting more spandex and adrenaline, but… if they do that show anything like Jessica Jones, I think it’ll be right up my alley.

Read my First Impressions review of Jessica Jones here.


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