Day 7 – Moving Plans


Wow, so much has happened since I last blogged! I had been tentatively planning to move to Albuquerque in few months, mainly for a better cost of living (we’re living in Los Angeles now). I’m a web designer for a marketing firm, so figured working remotely would work really well. Albuquerque rents and a Los Angeles salary are a good combination!

However, I found out on Monday from the H.R. Department that working remotely will not be an option, so that put a kink in my plans. My parents and I have been sharing a place here, and they still plan on moving. Without them covering half the rent, I’ll need to re-think my housing options. It’s so weird here, for the cost of one “cheap” apartment in L.A., you could rent two or three apartments in most other places in the country. I don’t know how anyone affords to live here. It’s a little nuts.

Long story short, I’m aiming to be in a new place by end of January! I likely will need to either find a roommate (last case scenario) or relocate to a cheaper suburb (with hopefully not too much crime). I’m sure you’ll hear more about it as this unfolds!

Speaking of video games…

I kind of already might want to amend my buying-fast rules. (I lasted a week! Woot!!) In looking through the upcoming games list, I just don’t know how I’ll be able to resist some of them.


I think a new set of rules might be called for:

  • It’s allowed to sell a PS3 game and re-buy the same title for PS4.
  • It’s allowed to buy the next in a series IF (and only if) I’ve played everything in that series (provided I already own the other titles) up to that newest title.
  • It’s allowed to buy a brand new game – outside of the above rules – IF (and only if) I finish another one that I already own.

So in other words. If I ever get around to finishing (and by finishing I mean starting) the Uncharted series, then I can get the 4th one this year when it comes out. Same with season 3 of the Telltale Walking Dead game (I’m most of the way through season one right now). Beyond Two Souls has been updated for PS4 to include a chronological version, so if I sell my PS3 copy, I can get that. This also allows for getting all the Sims 4 updates that are sure to come out this year. Hehehe….

What do you think?

Are my new rules cheating? Or are they keeping in the spirit of my goals to play through what I own?


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